Wedding rings

Rocks and clocks has it’s own unique collection of wedding rings, and matching bands which come in complementary sets if desired.

Each wedding ring is ordered to fit your exact size. Traditionally bands are exchanged by two people making a promise to love and protect ‘til death do us part’. Rings are worn as symbols expressing commitment and eternal love, meant to last a lifetime. To be lasting comfort, quality and durability are essential. Our bands, made from seamless gold or platinum, represent a circle of eternal love not to be broken. We can customize your wedding rings by adding diamonds, the hardest existing stone, as an extra sentiment expressing your indestructible love for one another. We can also personalize rings to express your own value and meaning. Let our ideas inspire you.

All our engagement rings and wedding bands can be adapted to your specific wishes or we can custom design a ring specifically for you. The one in the photo above is an example of an engagement ring that has been made with extra height to be worn with an eternity band