Gold Coins

Why invest in gold coins; they are VAT exempt.
With physical gold you own a tangible value. No paper promises or inaccessible money, but real value within reach. While central banks aim for an inflation rate of 2%, your money is worth less every year! However, physical gold and silver are immune to inflation. During crises such as credit crunches and the Covid-19 pandemic, huge amounts of new money is being pumped into the economy to fight it. Solving debt by creating new debt is not a sustainable solution. Gold has a lower and different risk profile than stocks or bonds. During economic prosperity, the price of gold remains stable or even falls, but gold becomes popular in times of crisis. By investing in physical gold and silver, you spread your risks.
Currency, stocks and many other investments depend on trust. Physical gold cannot be printed or multiplied digitally. It has already survived several systems and political currents. Gold and silver have been used as a means of payment and exchange for centuries. Gold and silver will play an important role in a transition to a new currency. At Rocks and Clocks you will receive personal attention and expert advice.