Pieter Bombeke

Master diamond polisher Pieter Bombeke has over the past fifty years proven himself as one of the most prolific diamond designers of his generation. Successful cuts such as the Xiao Long, the Jacob's Ladder and the Dreamcatcher where  all designed by him. To celebrate 100 years of Aardewerk Diamond Merchants, Rocks and Clocks, founded by David Aardewerk is proud to have gained exclusivity on Pieter's Solomon’s Seal cut. In this cut the brilliance of a diamond is preserved while the number of facets is reduced. The Solomon's Seal is a cut with 19 facets, has significantly different proportions and a completely different reflection pattern than the Brilliant cut. A star of David is visible in the stone. And the star of David is mentioned in the bible as the seal of King Solomon. Aardewerk diamond Merchants was founded in 1923 by Solomon Aardewerk and today the Rocks and Clocks company is run by his great-grandson David Aardewerk. A suitable diamond cut for a family that over the last 100 years have dedicated themselves to bring beauty into the lives of their customers.