2LIPS the ultimate declaration of love from Holland.

The jewellery from the 2LIPS collection (pronounce as tulips) portrays precisely what the Netherlands is so famous for: the Dutch tulip.

The diamond jewelry from this collection has an open tulip inspired setting. Due to its shape, the diamond is clearly visible, it catches more light and shows its true colour.

Not only the shape, but also the colours of the Dutch tulip have served as inspiration for this collection. Like the tulip, nature has a great wealth of coloured gemstones. In the 2LIPS gemstone collection we have brought together as many intensely coloured gemstones as possible.

So the 2LIPS diamond collection is a tribute to the shape of the tulip and the 2LIPS gemstone collection is a tribute  to the colours of the tulip.

Inspiration and design are authentically Dutch since the collection was designed by the Dutch architect and jewellery designer David Aardewerk.
2LIPS from Holland, exclusively  sold by Rocks and Clocks.